Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Always a struggle...

One of the things I have struggled with my whole life is body image, and my weight. When I say struggled, I don’t mean that I am unhealthy or even overweight; I mean that I am constantly gaining and then losing 10-15 pounds. It seems like I am either on a binge, or on a diet. It’s just not healthy. I’m really working on getting off of this track. I want to be healthy and happy.

Just before our wedding in May 2011 (1st anniversary is next week – wow, where did the time go?!), I lost about 18 pounds in preparation for “the” dress. But, I couldn’t even keep that off until the wedding, and gained about 5 of it back. That was ok, I was still at a comfortable weight. Slowly though, over the following months, I gained another 10, and was almost right back where I started. Then, more recently we have gone through some really rough times (more on that later…) and I put on 5 more.  Wow. All of the sudden I was 20-25 pounds from where I am comfortable.

Five weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers, for the second time in my life. So far I have lost 9.5 pounds, and I am hoping to get 10+ when I go on Saturday. I am feeling really good about myself.  One of the things I am doing is trying different “diet” recipes. I’ve had awesome luck so far with soup. I get most of my recipes from Skinny Taste (I’m sure you’ve heard of it!). Some of them, I modify. My favourite so far is adding curry to the carrot ginger soup.

Some obstacles coming up include our anniversary trip to NYC, and my parents visiting the week after. I’m sure we’re going to do a TON of walking while we’re in NY, but with my parents it’s hard. My mom still wants to baby me, and that usually involves food! Hopefully I can resist, I really don’t want to set myself back.

I’ll report back on this in a couple of weeks!

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