Friday, January 4, 2013

25 and 26 Weeks!

The last 2 weeks were a whirlwind, with Christmas holidays, and our first baby shower! Christmas was pretty hectic. My in-laws spent the holidays with us in our hometown, which was cool. Christmas day my parents cooked dinner for 17 people. What a zoo that was. The food was delicious!! My dad is really the holiday dinner chef and he always does an awesome job. His stuffing is to die for. Best out there.

On to the shower, we have never felt so loved!!! My mom and sister planned a really beautiful shower for baby and me. Now I am working on the thank you notes :) I still need to get the pictures from my mom, so for now I'll leave you with my last 2 bump pictures.


Cathy said...

Do we think it's a boy?

Tiffany said...

Looking good momma! Just a few short months left :)

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