Wednesday, April 10, 2013

40 Weeks!

Well, friends, my due date has come and gone, so I am officially overdue. I figured this would happen, since according to my What To Expect ap, 50% of pregnancies go past 40 weeks. I guess I was hoping to be part of the lucky 50% and have this baby sometime between 39 and 40 weeks. I am officially extremely cranky, and I shouldn't interact with anyone but my husband at this point! Leroy is an ok companion too, because he doesn't talk back or complain that I am complaining too much... This is what he's been up to every day since I have been on maternity leave:
He's a pretty lazy animal. I hope he keeps this up once the baby is here!! This week I have been working on all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. I am almost done, I will be really sad if I finish before the baby comes because I didn't expect that. I've been reading too, I figure I might not get a chance to read too much soon, although maybe during feedings? Anyhow, that's about it for now. I took my bump picture but I am facing the wrong way, oops.


Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness...aaaaaalmost there! Hang in there and GOOD LUCK! I'm sure we won't be hearing from you until well after she decides to join this world :)

Belly (Liz McLennan) said...

You look lovely...and sound ready. These days or hours before you meet your child for the first time are precious, though I remember well the feeling of "let's gone this show on the road!"

Blessed be, cousin. The best is yet to come! xo

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