Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Wedding Part 3 - In which we eat, drink, and dance!

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After we had a bunch of photos taken, we headed to the restaurant for our reception. Our reception was at a beautiful restaurant downtown, with amazing cobblestones and exposed brick. The space had so much character and really added to the old-fashioned, "vintage" feel I was hoping for. I loved the rectangular tables and the whole atmosphere just felt amazing. My mom and I handled all of the decor. She arranged the flowers in the mason jars, and my dad and husband cut out the wooden table numbers, and "love" clips. We used black and white wedding photos from all of our guests and family who couldn't make it. People really enjoyed looking at them!
Throughout the dinner, everyone was laughing and chatting and all around having a great time. It made me smile so much to look around at all of our guests and feeling like everything worked out exactly as I had imagined it. Our photographer managed to capture one of my favourite shots of me and my dad.
The food came out a little slowly, but no one seemed to notice too much, and those that did just headed over to our candy buffet to have a little snack! My mom and I made all of the decorations, she is so creative. Also through dinner, my dad, FIL, sister, and my husband's best man all gave some really great speeches. We were very touched, and have never felt so loved! They all did such an amazing job.
After supper, my husband and I got up and said a few words of thanks. Actually, my husband did all of the talking because I am pretty shy in crowds! He did a great job and managed not to forget anyone.
At last, we cut the cake (did I mention my mom also made AND decorated our amazing cake??), had our first dance, and I danced with my dad, and my husband danced with his mom. Then everyone let lose and had a blast dancing up a storm! The photographer left by this point, so I don't have any professional photos to share, plus I am a little wary of posting pictures of people without getting their permission... so no real photos here... Sorry!!
Well, that about sums up our wedding! I could have gone into a lot more detail, but quite frankly, I am lazy. There are so many pictures to sort through and I don't want to overload everyone with too many. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading along, and if you have any questions about any specific parts, please feel free to comment here or send me an email and I will definitely share more :)


Christi said...

Your wedding was so gorgeous! I love the candy buffet and all the colors! And your dress is beautiful!!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much!!!

Annie said...

Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful, and you look gorgeous in that dress!

The Other Side of Gray

Shoshanah said...

I love your purple polka dotted cake! And I'm awfully impressed to hear that your mom made it. I never would have guessed otherwise.

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