Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our very first camping trip..

I apologize for not getting this up yesterday, like I promised. I have an ok excuse. We were out all evening getting new iPhones last night!!! No? Bad excuse? Oh well :)

Our very first camping trip as a little family of 3 was a giant success! We all had a ton of fun, and it was incredibly relaxing. If you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen a lot of these photos already. We didn't have a signal out in the woods, but I still took pictures using my iPhone. I wouldn't say we were exactly "roughing" it... Haha.
Our campsite! Up a big hill.
We arrived on Saturday around lunch time and immediately got to work setting up our tent. We may have gone just a touch overboard by purchasing a 7 man tent... we wanted to make sure it would be big enough to set up Leroy's crate if needed, and it came in such a small bag we didn't think it would be, well, HUGE. Oh well, it should last us a while and we can eventually fit a couple of kids in there! There were some tensions and some moodiness while setting up the tent, but no arguments. The ground was extremely hard and that made it very frustrating, but in the end, we did get up and then we said a little prayer that it wouldn't collapse on us as we slept... and it didn't! Wohoo!
After setting up the tent, and some lunch, we wandered down to the lake. Leroy wasn't allowed on the main beach, so we had to walk a little further down to the boat launch to take him in the water. He's never been swimming before, but he loves his kiddy pool and sprinkler in our backyward, so we were hoping he'd be a natural, and he was! He went right on and was super excited. He could have chased the water frisbee we bought all. day. long. I actually had to drag him out of the water when we were ready to leave!! It was adorable. I tried to get a couple of pictures, but I didn't want to get my camera too close to the water, so they're not the best. We came back to swim 3 times! It made us really sad that we don't have anywhere we can take him swimming here at home. We might have to make a few day trips back to the campground for some doggy swimming before the summer is over...
Other than the lake, we really just ate, relaxed, ate, drank, relaxed, and sat in front of the campfire! Did I mention we also ate and relaxed? :) The day before we left they finally lifted the full fire ban that was in effect. Thank god! What is camping without a fire? That was our evening activity both nights we were there. It was a lot of fun, and kept the bugs away.
What did we eat, you ask? For dinner, a gross sounding but totally amazing concoction, suggested by my sister: Kraft Dinner with taco beef and tomatoes. It was insanely delicious and now I want to make it for supper every day of the week... if only it had some actual nutrition in it... damn. For lunches we ate egg salad sandwiches and party mix, and for breakfast we had scrambled eggs and homemade banana muffins (recipe to come sometime this week)!! Camp food is awesome.
When it came time to leave, we were looking forward to getting home and showering. Neither of us slept very well while we were there either, so we were definitely looking forward to sleeping in our bed, and last night we went to bed super early, before 9pm. The bed felt like sleeping on a marshmallow compared to the concrete feeling of the forest floor. It was heavenly.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been camping in looks like you had a great time! I definitely need to plan a camping trip with friends in the near future!

I just got an iPhone recently as well...are you as obsessed as I am?!


Layla said...

You're brave! I'm not a camper, haha. I do not like outside! Well, I like it...just not for sleeping/pottying. :)

Actually, that macaroni sounds delicious.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had some fun! I wish I was camping :) Is your pup a border collie?

I just started my blog hop today!
You should join its a great way to get followers!

Tiffany said...

Looks like a great and successful camping trip! I am so not a camper.

K said...

Wow: sounds like you had so much fun! Eating and relaxing and more eating and relaxing--sounds like my kind of trip! Camping food is my absolute favorite part of camping. I'm not a big outdoorsy girl, but my fiance LOVES the outdoors, so I'm sure I have lots ahead of me in our marriage--hopefully will learn to love it!

Anonymous said...

hey there! newest follower to your adorable blog! i love it and cannot wait to read more from you. i loooove camping... such fun and i definitely need to go ASAP! would love if you stopped over my neck of the woods soon! (no pun intended lol)

kayla said...

i love, love, love camping! it looks as though you had a nice time :) for future trips think about purchases an aero bed, they are worth it!

Shoshanah said...

I haven't been camping in forever, and I've never been camping without my parents. But I'd love to go on a camping trip with just me and the boy someday.

Al said...

Looks like such a fabulous time :) LOVE swimming with the pups :) Happy Friday, love!!

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