Tuesday, June 19, 2012

101 in 1001...

Everyone seems to be doing this, and I think it's a great idea to set some goals for the future. It's also a great idea to make some of them small, so you don't feel like a loser when you can't cross something off  of your list for a while. I decided to do the 101 in 1001 challenge, and I started it back in April. That means I have until December 28th, 2014 to complete and check off everything on this list. Purple are completed, green are in progress. So far I think I am off to a great start! I'll update once in a while with the progress :)

  1. Start blogging (Started in May 2012)
  2. Take a photography class
  3. Take a cake decorating class (Completed in April 2012 at Michael's)
  4. Blog every day for 30 days
  5. Go to NYC (Went for our 1st anniversary in May 2012)
  6. Plant a vegetable garden (Planted a veggie garden with my mom in June 2012)
  7. Sell 1 item a month from our Etsy shop
  8. Lose 20 pounds (get to 160 lbs)
  9. Maintain weight for 6 months
  10. Refinish a piece of furniture
  11. Reupholster an old piece of furniture
  12. Go to Las Vegas
  13. Take a knitting class
  14. Knit a winter hat
  15. Take one photo I am really proud of
  16. Take a photograph of a rainbow
  17. Say “yes” to something I wouldn’t normally
  18. Host a dinner party for 8
  19. Go a week without buying anything
  20. Read 100 books
  21. Don’t say anything negative for one day
  22. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  23. Try a sport I've never tried before (DH and I are playing flag football this summer 2012!)
  24. Donate money to a charity
  25. Kiss in the rain
  26. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch
  27. Bake and decorate a birthday cake for someone (Baked my husband's birthday cake in June 2012)
  28. Try a new recipe once a month for a year
  29. Find out my blood type
  30. Go to the gym 5 days a week for a month
  31. Take a cooking class
  32. Send a hand written letter
  33. Spend a weekend without the internet
  34. Make bread without the bread maker
  35. Train Leroy to come when called
  36. Learn how to cook fish!
  37. Finish the photo wall going to the basement
  38. Go to a wine tasting
  39. Make homemade ice cream
  40. Watch Gone With the Wind
  41. Carve a pumpkin
  42. Figure out what to do with my wedding dress
  43. Send in the paperwork and get my PEng
  44. Have a blog post published on a well known blog
  45. Have my blog redesigned to have a more personal style
  46. Make a meal with all ingredients bought at the farmer's market
  47. Throw a surprise party for someone
  48. Go on a girl's weekend with my sister
  49. Have a will written
  50. Try being vegetarian for one week
  51. Write 100 thank you notes
  52. Meet an internet friend in person
  53. Go on a picnic
  54. Go camping with the dog
  55. Go to trivia night
  56. Be professionally fitted for a bra
  57. Send at least 3 letters to the editor of our local paper
  58. Move my blog to self hosted
  59. Give up Facebook for a week
  60. Try 10 beers I have never tried before (Rickard's White)
  61. Go to an exercise class that makes me feel awkward
  62. See 45 movies in the theatre
  63. Go for a ride in a helicopter
  64. Get a promotion
  65. Eat at 10 new restaurants
  66. Host Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner
  67. Make a surprise visit home to see my family
  68. Spend 1 day a week television free for 6 months
  69. De-clutter our house
  70. Go to a comedy show
  71. See The Nutcracker at the NAC
  72. Do something nice for someone anonymously
  73. Go to a spa
  74. Go to a Green Bay Packers game
  75. Give a 100% tip
  76. Have a booth at a craft sale
  77. Take a spontaneous road trip
  78. Create a scavenger hunt
  79. Decorate Christmas cookies
  80. Finish bathroom and back room in basement
  81. Finish the fence in the backyard (Last pieces went up in May 2012!)
  82. Buy a mouse pad for my desk at work
  83. Learn how to use all of the applications on my Mac
  84. Grow and use 3 varieties of herbs (halfway done - have grown basil, oregano, and parsley)
  85. Organize all of the documents/photos on my computer
  86. Finally load up my digital picture frame
  87. Go to a drive-in movie theatre
  88. Have someone guest post on my blog
  89. Go on a date night once a month with my husband
  90. Get 5,000 views of my blog (484 of 5000)
  91. See the Best Picture Oscar winner from the last 10 years.
  92. Enter a photo contest
  93. Complete a crossword puzzle
  94. Host a poker night
  95. Buy a bigger TV for our basement den
  96. Plant a tree
  97. Read a novel in french
  98. Make homemade jam
  99. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  100. Write a list of 101 things I have already achieved in life
  101. Celebrate finishing this list!

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