Thursday, June 7, 2012

In which we go to NYC wrap up!

On day 3 of our trip, we walked all the way from our hotel to the southern end of Central Park. We stopped to have a look inside Grand Central Terminal, which was pretty cool. The architecture was just amazing. We spent some time walking around the Upper East Side, just looking at the amazing townhouses and wondering who might live there. We at lunch at a little diner that was actually pretty good, we thought it was funny that it was called “Eat Here Now”, and we complied. I had a spinach salad and my husband had some kind of souvlaki platter. Both were pretty good, and the service was excellent so we couldn’t complain.
Beautiful interior of Grand Central Terminal
After lunch we headed into the park and walked around. The weather was gorgeous, couldn’t have asked for any better! We spent some time just sitting on a park bench and people watching, and then walked around some more. I was wearing new shoes and my feet were absolutely killing me. I didn’t wear my new MK flats because I didn’t want to wreck them by walking around for 7+ hours. I should have worn them. I turned into a big complaining pain in the butt. We had to stop a lot. Anyway, I tried to be a trooper.
Mid-afternoon, around 4, we started to feel hungry and decided to stop in at Micky Mantle’s for a snack and a beer. We ended up staying for 3 hours because it was just so relaxing. We sat out on the patio and people watched, and I think we had 3 beer each, plus a yummy spinach dip, and later, some waffle french fries. Around 7 we decided that the sun was starting to set a little, and figured it would be reasonably dark once we walked to Times Square, so we paid the bill and were on our way!

Times Square was cool, but not my favourite place. I am not particularly fond of crowds, and neither is my husband, so we really didn’t stay very long. I did get some decent photos. I made my husband stand guard while I stood in the middle of the street to take some pictures (in a crosswalk of course!). We visited the M&M store too, and I had to get some coconut M&Ms, amazing! Who knew they existed?! That was so exciting.
We woke up to insane rain on Monday morning. It definitely seemed like a day best spent indoors, so we rode the subway up to the Museum of Natural History. I would have preferred to go to the MET, but it’s not open on Mondays! Oh well, we’ll be back for sure. Anyway, the subway was interesting. We accidentally got on an express train and ended up at 125th street instead of 82nd. Oops. At least it was only a minor detour and we made it safely to the museum shortly after! I forgot to bring my nice camera, so I only took a few pictures with my iphone. Honestly, it was ok, but it wasn’t super exciting. We’re not really museum people, and it was so crowded and confusing. And the good exhibits all cost extra, so we didn’t bother. It was huge though, so we were able to spend pretty much our entire day there, and since it did honestly pour rain for the entire day, that was a very good thing!
 We went back to the hotel and had Chipotle for supper. I had heard about it a lot on the blogs I read, and decided even though it was a chain, we had to try it. It was delicious! We both had chicken burritos, and they were STUFFED full of toppings. I was so full and satisfied afterwards! It was a decent way to end our trip to the big city. We went to bed early since we had to be up for our flight in the morning.
Thanks for sticking around and reading my recaps! All in all we had such a great trip. We both decided that if we were super rich we would definitely move there. The atmosphere was just amazing, and the shopping couldn’t be beat. Maybe one day… Until then, I’ll keep living my normal, relatively boring life, and loving it!

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