Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In which we go to NYC part deux...

On our second day in the big city, we walked all the way up Broadway to Fifth Avenue, and explored some of the fancy shops, went to the New York Public Library, and at lunch at Serendipity 3. It was a 1.5 hour walk, we wanted to get as much exercise in as possible to balance out the food we planned on eating, haha! There was a pretty large farmer’s market happening in Union Square, which I thought was really cool. We thought we might see some celebs there, but no dice. The flowers were pretty though!
I am a terrible (read: brand new) blogger and didn’t get a picture of our lunch, but I did remember to take on of the famous frozen hot chocolate! After seeing some people get theirs, we decided we could definitely split one, and that was a wonderful decision. I think I would have wanted one all to myself if we didn’t have a big lunch right before. We went with the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate, since peanut butter and chocolate are the two greatest loves of my life, aside from my husband, I guess ;)
 After lunch we walked to Rockefeller Center and went in some of the stores around there before heading to the NBC Studio Tour. Oh my god. What a giant waste of time that was!! It was so highly recommended, and we were so excited, and it sucked. We were extremely disappointed. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures, which wasn’t a big deal, but we also didn’t get to see anything remotely interesting, only a couple of news studios. Honestly, it was a big waste of time and money. I really wouldn’t recommend going.
 After the tour we went into a few more stores, notably, Michael Kors, where I purchased my amazingly comfortable flats. They are my new favourite pair of shoes. I have never been so comfortable!! They were definitely worth the splurge. Definitely.
Oh, and I did splurge (at least for me) on sunglasses earlier in the day too, at Bloomingdale’s in SoHo. I love them so much and try to take really good care of them. I usually only buy cheap sunglasses. Before this pair, the most I have spent is $20. And I bought them at a gas station in New Brunswick, so they weren’t exactly… rockin’. Not like my new lovelies J
 After Michael Kors we did something rather embarrassing. We ate supper at TGI Fridays. In NYC. I hang my head in shame… but we were so tired and my feet hurt so bad and it was just right there, and nothing else was really around. It sucked. It was easily the worst food we ate while on our trip. And afterwards we went back to the hotel. I think it was around 7 when we got back, and we just went to bed. I guess the 7 hours of walking really caught up with us, but whatever. We were refreshed for the next morning anyway, which was great!
Only one NYC post left! Stay tuned!

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Kaileigh said...

I just came across these posts and decided to read them since we were in New York back in April. It's too bad you found the Studio Tour so disappointing! Ours wasn't bad this time. I think that it is totally dependent on the day of the week and time you go, because they don't let you see the studios on days when they are in use. I'm pretty sure if say Dr. Oz was taping that they won't even let you on that floor so you can't see the Jimmy Fallon studio either.

Thanks for nominating me for the Liebster award! I am getting to that post sometime this week!

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