Monday, June 18, 2012

Update: Always a struggle...

See Part 1 here!

Well, we're back from NYC and I am back to update you on the weight loss situation. I went on the trip with every intention to be reasonable and not stuff my face. That is not what happened at all. What is it about vacation that makes you feel like you deserve to eat candy every day? I literally ate candy every. single. day. First it was big feet (my favourite!), then it was M&Ms from the M&M store in Times Square. I am not proud of myself even a little.

For meals I didn't do very well either. I tried not to go overboard but I still had french fries and burgers, and a fully loaded baked potato with my steak dinner (yum!). For breakfast I ate a bagel and cream cheese every day at the hotel, and some days I also added a chocolate croissant. Just writing all of this out makes me embarassed and ashamed!!!

We did end up walking a TON. Our hotel was 1.5 hours of walking from what I would call the main "area", which was Midtown I guess. We didn't take the subway because we wanted the exercise. The only day we didn't walk was Monday, since it was pouring rain. I was hopeful that all of the walking would help balance out the poor food choices.

When we got back, I didn't weigh myself for a couple of days. I drank a ton of water and went back on the diet, aside from eating our wedding cake from the freezer. On Saturday I skipped Weight Watchers again. We had plans with my parents and I just didn't want to make the trip there. I vowed to go the next week. Then I ate out A LOT with my family. And didn't exercise at all. The next Saturday came and I skipped Weight Watchers yet again. Then again.

I finally went to Weight Watchers this past Saturday, 4 weeks after our trip. I gained 0.5 pounds. Not too shabby given how awful I have been doing! This weekend was bad too, but I am determined to hit the gym this week and get myself under 170 come Saturday!!!! Will keep reporting back :)

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