Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small kitchen update!

When we first moved into our house, we had very little in the way of wall art or decor. My parents came to visit, and my mom and I decided to add an accent wall in the kitchen. We used some fun wallpaper. It was a relatively easy task, wallpaper has come a lonnnnng way! Plus the piece of wall we did was very small, it only took three strips of paper to cover it. Here's the result:
This really did the trick for a long time, but something kept bugging me about it. I think it made the little eat-in part of our kitchen seem very dark. We don't get a ton of natural light since we're in a middle unit townhouse, and this wasn't making it much better. I started brainstorming, and waiting for something perfect to come up.

One day I was reading my favourite blog, Young House Love, and they featured the Etsy seller, Articipe. I fell in love with these recipe prints. What a great idea!! I decided I needed to have 3 for the wall in the kitchen. I ordered them, and they sat around for a couple of weeks while I tried to muster up the courage to take down the paper. We've all heard nightmare stories about removing wallpaper, and I was scared. I shouldn't have been! Apparently along with better designs, wallpaper has also come a long way with the adhesive, or rather, ease of removal of the adhesive. I finished in about 20 minutes!

Then we framed the 3 Articipe prints in crisp white frames, and left the wall unpainted. I am really liking the result!
It's already so much lighter. What a huge difference! We're hoping to paint the wall the same taupe brown color we have on the rest of main floor of our house, but I was so excited to get the prints up I settled for the builder beige for now! Here's some more awesomeness:
 Not only is the quality amazing, but Erin was so awesome to deal with. She was very quick with the communication and very friendly. I highly recommend purchasing from her shop! You can get custom recipes/designs, but I stuck with her stock options. Again, I am just so in love!

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